Five Most Common Useless Excuses for Not Doing Your Alignment Practices


When you work with a law of attraction coach it’s pretty likely they are going to ask you what your alignment practices are. It’s shocking to me how often I hear any number of variations on the response, “I’m not really doing any alignment work about this issue, or in my life period.”

I know for a fact my life flows more smoothly when I am taking care of my stuff like a grown up woman. That means things like paying the bills, rocking my self-care, and doing my alignment practices daily. For me, (and for you, in case you’re wondering) when I get loose around the edges with any of those kinds of things, I start to feel the wheels come off the proverbial bus pretty quickly. If I don’t pay my bills my power gets shut off. If I don’t do my self-care, I get sick or ridiculously bitchy. When I don’t do my alignment work things start misfiring all over the place.

When things start getting bumpy rather than feeling like a victim of circumstances, “beyond my control” I know I simply need to get my act together and get back to the basics and the basics are:

take care of the business that needs taking care of, make my self-care a priority, and do my alignment work.

None of those things are more important than any of the others. We’ve all got real world stuff that needs doing. Self-care keeps me upright and balanced in my body and soul to do that business. It also fuels the energy I bring to my alignment work, which in turn makes magic and makes doing my daily business more magical. It’s a circle with no end or beginning.

However, when we’re under pressure it can be really easy to let alignment slip in favor of paying the electric bill because one seems more pressing than the other, but that’s never really true.

So, when I talk to a client who says they aren’t working their alignment practice, as frustrating as that is, because we all know better, I get it. My current alignment practice is pretty simple. Act as if, some scripting outloud, usually while I’m getting dressed, and a few minutes of written scripting. However, as simple as that is, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Some days I just don’t nail it in the pre-tending department. Sometimes I have excuses – and chances are you’ve made some too.

Here are the top five excuses I’ve heard, (and offered) for not doing an alignment practice.

1. There’s not enough time. Right. Let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend on Facebook or watching TV every day? If you answered that question with anything more than 10 minutes, you’ve got plenty of time. You just aren’t using it to create a life.

2. I get distracted. Ok. I get distracted while I’m making dinner by about 30 different things every night, but dinner gets made anyway. We work through distractions when we need to get shit done. That’s exactly how all shit actually gets handled, we do it despite the distractions. So, what if you get distracted? Get on it anyway.

3. I get bored. If you can’t focus on a vision of something you really want to experience for more than a few minutes, it’s not a very exciting vision. Monkey mind is a real thing. However, if you really can’t get that monkey mind in check for more than a few seconds or minutes chances are that thing you’re trying to manifest is boring. Go bigger. Get crazy.

Dedicate yourself to something so inspiring that you can’t help but obsess about it. Anything less is going to be heavy lifting.

4. I don’t know how to do it right. Here’s the thing. If you’re telling yourself that story, it’s probably true. The only rule of thumb for “right” or “wrong” is simple. Are you having fun with it? If you’re not, you are correct, you’re probably not doing it right. You were born with the innate ability to navigate this thing called life. The technology is built it. You are already a brilliant creator. Start telling yourself that story because it’s true, and then go have some fun with your future creation.

5. Nothing is working. The first and most important part of any manifestation or alignment practice is that it improves the way you feel. If that’s happening, even a little, for a moment, IT IS WORKING. Time and space are complicated things that are above our pay grade most of the time. If your alignment practice feels good and you feel better, quit worrying about the time frame or the details. Your stuff is on the way. If your alignment practice is simply a thing that reminds you, you don’t have your stuff yet – stop it, immediately and do something else or nothing at all.

Here’s the thing – it’s called co-creation for a reason and if we’re not doing our part it’s happening by default. Nine times out of ten default creation is less than awesome. It might be tolerable, or manageable, but it’s not going to be incredible.
It’s a lot like a ship out to sea. If you aren’t at the helm, or at least actively charting a course and setting your instruments to get there, you’ll end up adrift and there’s no way around that.


You’ve got to get your head and your energy in the game. Your life is your creation. You can give it as much time as you would a sitcom every day, and if you choose not to, pack for a long journey, because you’ll be at sea for awhile.


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Lisa Hayes, The Love Whisperer, is an LOA Relationship Coach. She helps clients leverage Law of Attraction to get the relationships they dream about and build the lives they want. Lisa is the author of the newly released hit book, Score Your Soulmate and How to Escape from Relationship Hell and The Passion Plan.

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