Two Simple Law of Attraction Life Hacks that Work Every Time


A lot of us make Law of Attraction much more complicated than it really is. Anything that’s complicated is going to be difficult to use consistently. However, there are two very simple LOA hacks that can steer the course of your energy the direction you really want it to go permanently.

A few days ago I was watching two little ones play a game we are all familiar with. One had hidden something the other wanted. It happened to be candy so the motivation was pretty darn high. As the little boy moved around the room the little girl giggled with delight as she gave him the all too familiar clues.

“You’re getting warmer. Really warm. Scorching HOT! NO! Cooler. Cooler. Cold…”

And as I watched them, I laughed to myself because life is exactly like that but probably not in the way most people think it is. The things we want aren’t really hidden from us. However, there are clues everywhere about where those good things are actually waiting for us. Everything we really want is waiting for usneighborhood of what feels good, and yet we tend to fixate on what’s not working. Which makes it seem like things we want are out of reach. We are always either getting warmer or colder and we know it when we pay attention to our dominant vibration.

The system is so simple it’s deceptive. We get what we’re focused on. If you’re wondering what you’re focused on it’s pretty easy to identify. You’re focused on what you’re observing. It can be challenging to observe things that are taking you in the direction of what you really want when “reality” is painting a different picture. However, there is a way to steer your focus, moment by moment that’s a joy to do and leaves the heavy lifting and hard work to the field of infinite potential to sort out. It comes with two very simple LOA hacks.

LOA Hack Number 1:

“No. That’s not what I’m creating. What I’m creating is…”

As soon as you become aware you are focused on something less than delightful, give yourself a simple reminder. “No.

That’s not what I’m creating. What I am creating is this…”

Yesterday I was on a lovely drive with my family and the sky just opened up and it started to pour. I immediately started a run of thoughts about how much I don’t like the rain and how I detest Washington winters. And then I caught myself.

“No. That’s not what I’m creating. What I am creating is a wonderful day with my family and some relaxing time to enjoy nature.” And in that red hot moment, I was able to reconnect with my family time. I enjoyed holding my husband's hand while he drove. I smiled to myself listening to my kiddo sing in the back seat. I was instantly able to find beauty in the wind that was blowing the last of the leaves off the trees in the storm. The rain stopped and most seductive fog formed over the water where the fishing boats were in a single clear patch highlighted by a ray of sun. It breathtaking.

This morning I was particularly reluctant to get out of bed. I was feeling more sluggish and unmotivated than excited to start the day. I started thinking about why I don’t have more energy in the mornings and feeling a lack of joy for the day ahead. Then I caught myself.

“No. That’s not what I’m creating. What I am creating is joyful mornings and plenty of energy for an engaging day.” Ten minutes later I was out of bed doing QiGong with my little one. Energy crisis managed with one quick redirect.

LOA Hack Number 2:

“Yes! Thank you! More of that please.”
Every time you notice something that really lights you up, you say, “Yes! Thank you! More of that please.” When you do that, three things happen. First of all, you train yourself to noticing the things that delight you. You give it extra attention by just recognizing it. You get a double or triple dose of extra feel good. That experience becomes more valuable because you noticed it instead of just letting it pass without relishing it. Secondly, you express gratitude and we all know how powerful that is. Third, the field gets an instruction. More of that. And you know what? It will deliver more of it.

Yesterday when I finally decided to appreciate the falling leaves I mentioned they looked like someone was throwing confetti for us as we drove by. I liked that thought. “Yes! Thank you! More of that please.” I went for a walk this morning and was delighted by gently falling leaves every step of the way.

Last night I noticed feeling very cozy by the fire after we came home from running errands. “Yes! Thank you! More of that please.” Often when I get up in the morning the house is a little chilly. However, this morning it was toasty warm and when it went downstairs the fire was already gently lighting up and warming the whole house.

Those might sound like small things and we’re all looking to create or shift something big. However, let me tell you this. The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of the moments in it. Little things add up and more importantly, those little things determine your dominant vibration, which determines everything you experience.

Those two tools can steer your day. In fact, they can determine the course and tone of your whole life. However, you have to use them. And if you’re like me you have to use them not once or twice a day, but maybe one or two hundred times a day and yes that takes effort. However, what you get is a life filled with experiences you are choosing based on what delights and inspires you moment to moment. You don’t have to let the details or your life to chance.


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Lisa Hayes, The Love Whisperer, is an LOA Relationship Coach. She helps clients leverage Law of Attraction to get the relationships they dream about and build the lives they want. Lisa is the author of the newly released hit book, Score Your Soulmate and How to Escape from Relationship Hell and The Passion Plan.

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