Worry is Really Meditating on Shit


True story as follows:

Two friends Sarah and Kim went on a beautiful hike to the beach to celebrate Kim’s birthday. They hiked about six miles through a picturesque rainforest to a secluded beach you can only get to on foot.
They had an amazing day on the beach watching wildlife and taking pictures. It was perfect, right up until they hiked out and got back to the car. When Sarah was taking off her hiking boots she noticed a terrible rash on her left leg. Upon inspection, Kim realized she had the rash too.

Both of them were seasoned hikers and very familiar with the area. This rash didn’t look anything like poison oak or ivy. Neither of them had seen anything like it. On their way home they stopped at a pharmacy and got some first aid ointment for it but it didn’t seem to relieve the burning itch. By the time they got home later that night both of them had a rash that was breaking out into oozing welts.

That night Kim bathed herself in Witch Hazel, took some Benadryl, went to bed, and didn’t think another thing about it. Sarah on the other hand worried. Nothing she did

Sarah on the other hand worried. Nothing she did relieved the painful rash. The next morning she got up and combed the internet trying to figure out what they’d gotten into. She concluded her rash was spreading and looked a lot like an infection from a poisonous spider bite. Although she wasn’t sure that was what it was, by the time she got off work that evening she was in a lot of pain. Sarah once again spent more than a couple of hours online trying to definitively diagnose her spreading rash. The next morning she woke up and it had spread to her right arm. She was very concerned, and it seemed she had good reason to be worried. An oozing rash would be disturbing to anyone. She literally laid awake at night worrying after looking at pictures of people who lost parts of their faces to spider bites.

Three days later Kim’s rash was a distant memory and Sarah was admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Sarah’s rash had evolved into an antibiotic-resistant skin eating monster. The doctor deduced they’d gotten into stinging nettle and for some reason, Sarah’s immune system had failed to manage something that is almost never a big deal.
For some reason…

Worry is really just meditating on shit.

The problem is what we meditate on we create.

As a hypnotherapist, I learned that any thoughts you think when you are under duress are extremely powerful. You are very suggestible when you’re under duress. Worrying the voluntary act of putting yourself in a hypnotic state and filling your subconscious with toxic thoughts.


Some people will say you can control all your thoughts. I don’t really believe that’s true. Thoughts naturally occur. You don’t have control over every thought that arises in your consciousness. However what you do have absolute control over is which thought you choose to entertain.

The thoughts you choose to entertain become your reality.

There are only three steps to breaking the evil hypnotic spell of worry.

#1. Catch yourself meditating on shit.

#2. Shut it down right then and there.

#3. Rinse and repeat as many times as necessary, and realize it might be hundreds.

That’s all there is to it.
Simple? Yes. Easy? It takes some practice.

Find A Better Job

All your worry
Has proved such an
Find a better

This is my favorite video about how to stop worrying.

It’ll make you smile. I promise.


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