Escape From Relationship Hell

How to Escape from Relationship Hell is like having a candid conversation with your best friend or sister, who’s going to tell you exactly how to escape from your relationship hell. You might laugh, you might cry, you might want to throw up, but you will be able to plan your escape more easily after reading this book.

This hard hitting, straight shooting book is an intimate look into the love life of one woman who has been through it all. The author, Lisa Hayes, bares it all in her account of her relationships. Sometimes raw, sometimes tender, sometimes humorous, this book will lead you on a journey out of your own relationship hell and into reclaiming your own life by becoming smarter and better prepared to get happy on your terms in relationships.
How to Escape from Relationship Hell Really is packed with hard hitting, raw, real life experience that will set you free.

What people are saying

Ladies, learn from Lisa’s mistakes. Use this as a wakeup call and when you march into the therapist’s office on your road to better relationships, take this book. Tell her what you’ve learned. But if she still insists, “It’s not your fault. He is a ________(fill in the blank.) ” then keep on looking for a therapist who will be honest with you. Find one who will hold you accountable, because until you do, you might as well just hold up a sign on a busy street corner, “DESPERATE WOMAN LOOKING FOR A MAN WHO WILL TREAT HER BADLY”
– Connie Woodyard, MSW

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