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Lisa M. Hayes, The Love Whisperer, is an Author, Trainer, and Law of Attraction Relationship Coach. Lisa is known for her no-nonsense approach to attracting and growing relationships that really work.

Among Lisa’s favorite topics:
Law of Attraction and Relationships

Joyful dating

How to understand and really rock self-love

Suddenly single. Now what?

Creating the relationship of your dreams, one boundary at a time.

Sacred Sensuality: The spiritual duty to live with purpose and passion, while seeking beauty and experiencing pleasure

Lisa is the author of: 

Score Your Soulmate is a by the numbers guide to leveraging the law of attraction to find the love of your life and build a life you love.
No unicorns and fairy dust here. This is a real world handbook to mapping a plan to get yourself to happily ever after.

How to Escape from Relationship Hell is like having a candid conversation with your best friend or sister. You might laugh, you might cry, but if you can’t relate, you aren’t female! This hard hitting, straight shooting book is an intimate look into the lives of relationships for women.

Sometimes raw, sometimes tender, sometimes humorous, this book will lead you on a journey that will get you to the other side smarter and better prepared to get happy on your own terms. This book is packed with real-life advice that will set you free.

The Passion Plan is a woman’s guide to taking control and turning up the heat in her relationship.

This book is written for women who want to improve their relationship with their man. This material is not a couples’ process. It’s not about including your man in the rehab of your passion.

It’s about being willing to get in there on your own and patiently allowing him to get on board as he sees fit. This does not require his participation on any level; however these processes usually inspire his joyful cooperation.New Paragraph
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