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If you want more out of live you have to give yourself more.

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This course will save your sanity and might just save your life.

If you want anything to change in your life or you simply want to be more deeply present to enjoy your life now, you need energy. The vast majority of women say they consistently don't feel like there is enough fuel to get through the day. 

Self-care fuels energy. There's no way around that. More than 70% of women say they can't make time to fit in the self-care the want. A good portion of the rest of them are probably lying to themselves.

Life happens.
Sometimes it's a lot to handle. Let's face it a lot of the time life hangs in the balance between way too busy and a red hot mess. 

Self-care is one of those nebulous things people talk about a lot, but many don't know how to do. However, real self-care, the kind you actually deeply desire is about more than hitting the gym or taking your daily multivitamin. 

Self-care done right, is just as much about nourishing your soul as it is about feeding your body. 
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